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I CAN Help you Build a Powerful Digital Presence

So that Your Practice Doesn't Get Lost in the Noise

By now, every firm knows that it should be a powerful player in the digital space.

But is that desire becoming a reality - or is it stuck in the too hard basket?

Powerfully Effective Digital Strategies

What if your website was built to deliver clients, not just look fancy?

What if your content established you as an authority in your field and brought work in the door?

What if social media let you make connections, grow your reputation and increase your influence?

In short: what if your digital strategy actually delivered clients to you?

These things are possible.

And importantly, they're possible without having to spend 6 hours a day staring at your LinkedIn newsfeed.

Do You Want More Clients?

It's a silly question, isn't it? There aren't many lawyers who would say no to that question.

Of course since we're the 21st century, we're also going to focus on something that most lawyers know they should be working on, but haven't gotten to yet: online strategies to get clients.

So the real question is this:

Does your Digital Strategy Get More Clients for your Firm?

Sadly, for many firms the answer is no.

And for others, the answer is "we have no idea".

We can fix both. 

“Chris speaks with authority, understanding and a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to back it up”

Rebecca Pulizzi - President, Fraser Coast District Law Association

Too Many Options?

Even lawyers who appreciate and understand the need for a digital marketing strategy can get overwhelmed very quickly.

After all – the options are many and varied.

Let's take Search Engine Optimization as an example. Google has more than 200 factors it considers when choosing what to rank. Beyond that, how do you find traffic numbers, how hard are keywords to compete, and how to get “get rank 1 on Google”?

What about Content Marketing? You've probably heard the term, but exactly what should you produce and when should you produce it? Many lawyers adopt the “quick – write an update!” strategy with their content marketing, which is actually no strategy at all.

Social Media? Other than publishing everything they write to social media, most lawyers and law firms are unfortunately very poor in their efforts on social media. Even if they were keen to get started, which platforms do you use, how do you use them, and what should you be doing to maximise your time?

What about email? What email service do you use and how do you use it? Do you have a plan to reacts to how your prospects and clients behave, or do you just treat everyone the same? How should you interact with new clients on email?

Let's Cut Through the Noise

I will help you do three things – which I know doesn't really sound like a lot.

But if you can do these three things properly, then you will win.

Although the final call is always yours, at each step I'll help you decide what's best for your practice, the time you are prepared to commit, and the results you want to see. Then I'll help you see it through.

So what will I help you do?

  • Develop Your Digital Strategy – nothing happens without a strategy. You need to work through the process properly, otherwise everything that happens next is a waste of time.
  • Implement Your Strategy – surprisingly, this is where most lawyers fail. We are great at writing out plans and coming up with grand ideas – but rarely do we actually implement what we talk about doing. I'll help you get it done
  • Refine Your Strategy – you might get things 100% right the first time around, and you might not. Some things might work better than others and you might want to double down on them. Whatever the case, reviewing and refining your strategy so you can continue to implement is a core component. You need to look at the results and see what's working and what's not

That's it. Develop, implement, and refine.

No more noise.

“Chris is the Seth Godin of the Legal World”

Ranjit Singh, Law Solutions

How's it Work?

Everyone's needs are different - all of my work is "price on application" because of the huge variations in requirements from case to case.

Here are the usual options:


Workshops and one off projects to kick start your efforts in the digital world.


For those who want to focus on their strategy and get unlimited help to execute it along the way.


I will sometimes offer professional services where I'll shoulder the burden for the bulk of your digital efforts.

Ready to Start?

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